CALYPSO-SaaS 正式发布上线至Bohrium®云平台

1. 超强know how,随时响应
CALYPSO-SaaS秉承客户至上的理念,为您提供一站式、高品质的售后服务。在使用CALYPSO-SaaS的过程中,您将拥有一个专属的技术支持群组,该群组由CALYPSO核心开发人员和技术专家组成,具备卓越的know how能力。售后团队将为您提供每周5天、每天8小时的在线答疑服务,确保您的需求和问题得到准确理解和迅速回应。
2. 算力充沛,按量计费
3. 直接上手,开箱即用,即时监控,可视分析



CALYPSO-SaaS 正式发布上线至Bohrium®云平台

I. Background
Material structure prediction tasks often require large amounts of computational and storage resources, and for many users it is difficult to deploy CALYPSO software on local clusters or external supercomputers. To solve such problems, the CALYPSO development team has joined hands with Beijing Deep Potential Technology Co.
By deploying CALYPSO on the Bohrium scientific computing cloud platform launched by DeepSense, the solution is dedicated to providing highly collaborative and efficient computing services for enterprises, teams and individuals to meet users' computing needs and ensure a smooth user experience, with the help of the powerful performance of the Bohrium scientific computing cloud platform. The SaaS product is designed to provide users with a more convenient and efficient platform for material structure forecasting, without the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware equipment, or install and manage complex software environments, and can be easily accessed and used via the Internet.
II. Product features
1. Super-know how, ready to respond
CALYPSO-SaaS provides a one-stop, high-quality after-sales service with a customer-first philosophy. When using CALYPSO-SaaS, you will have a dedicated support team consisting of CALYPSO's core developers and technical experts with excellent "know how" capabilities. The after-sales team is available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to ensure that your needs and questions are understood and responded to quickly.
2. Powerful, volume-based billing
CALYPSO explores a wide range of possible crystal structures by sampling extensively on the potential energy surface, a process that requires a large number of DFT calculations to evaluate the energy of different crystal structures, a need that is met by the massive computing resources available on Bohrium.
For a typical structure search calculation, where 100 structures are explored per generation (running for 50 generations), 100 structure calculations can be performed simultaneously on 100 machines at Bohrium, with computation times ranging from "months" to "days". Bohrium contains over 100,000 CPU cores and 10,000 GPUs. There is plenty of computing power to ensure that there is no queuing.
CALYPSO-SaaS is committed to not charging users any hidden fees. When using CALYPSO on Bohrium, you only pay for the hours you consume and the Bohrium platform charges you based on actual usage, making it affordable and cost effective.
3. Straightforward to get started, right out of the box
Whether using local cluster computing or renting external supercomputing resources, users need to deploy CALYPSO software on their own, which can lead to incompatibility, difficult and unstable environment configuration and high time and maintenance costs during the deployment process. The development team has pre-installed and compiled CALYPSO on Bohrium to ensure that users can skip the installation and use it directly. The CALYPSO-SaaS version retains all the features of the original software on Bohrium, allowing users to get started directly without changing their usage habits.
Users can easily access the Bohrium platform through their browser or the WeChat app portal and register to enjoy the CALYPSO experience instantly. In addition to the power of CALYPSO, the SaaS version is a one-stop shop: Bohrium comes pre-installed with a wide range of popular computing software such as DeePMD-kit, DP-GEN, LAMMPS, CP2K, VASP and many more. By using containerisation technology, it is ensured that each software is independent from each other and that environmental dependencies do not interfere with each other.
4. Instant monitoring, visual analysis
Task status is tracked and accessed instantly, allowing users to track the status of tasks in real time as they progress, monitor the completion of each stage and ensure that the entire task process runs smoothly.
Crystal structure, evolutionary process and convex packet diagrams are drawn in real time. The visualisation is presented in a graphical way, helping users to analyse and understand the data more easily and providing them with an all-round visualisation experience.
In addition, CALYPSO-SaaS is highly interactive with real-time monitoring and visual analysis. The real-time updated data and graphs can also support multi-person collaboration, effectively improving communication and collaboration between teams.
III. Instructions for use
There are two ways to learn how to use CALYPSO on Bohrium: you can watch tutorial videos and learn how to use it.
Route 1: visit the Bohrium website to view the documentation on how to use it;
Route 2: Visit the Bohrium bilibili CALYPSO-SaaS website to view a demonstration video.
IV. User Group
Please scan the QR code below to join the exchange group, which brings together many experienced scholars in the field and invites you to participate in discussions and exchanges!

Left: QQ group; Right: Enterprise WeChat 2 group

V. Test entrance
If you have any questions or needs, please add the staff enterprise WeChat, then there will be professional staff for you!